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Healthy bites by healing-matters

Healing-matters provides consultations and treatments by Tina Krombach,
naturopathic and homeopathic medicine practitioner, Yoga therapist and detox specialist.
She is now available for appointments in Dubai at DNA Health Center, next to Talise Spa/Al Qasr Hotel.

Special intro offer

50% off your initial health consultation
60 minutes, valid from 1st Nov – 14th Dec

20% discount for your first booking after 15th Dec  &
For future healthy bites and special offers

Find out your optimal way of detox and get guidance through the nutrition jungle!
Tailored constitutional support for rejuvenation through body cleansing and healthy eating.
You need some individual health support to improve your wellbeing? Get a constitutional assessment and tailored natural treatment.
You wish to prevent disease and feel 100%? Get a lifestyle plan that suits your needs and likes.
You suffer from a chronic ailment or “just” from chronic tiredness/lack of energy? Awake your inner healing ability to feel amazing with the right choices, treatments and natural medicine.



Lifestyle ailments
Sweet detox for diabetes

Everyone benefits from a detox, for some it can even have a great therapeutic effect.
Diabetes type 2 for example is one of the most common metabolic diseases and can have multiple causes such as unhealthy lifestyle with little or no exercises and bad eating habits, overweight and environmental toxin accumulation in the body (especially arsenic and dioxin, found in pesticides, meat, fish, dairy, eggs).
In diabetes the cells can be starving whereas the blood is overloaded with glucose. It is vital to provide the right nutrients to ensure proper assimilation and cell nutrition. In most cases the pancreas is burdened by insulin production while the body’s cells develop an insulin resistance.
Organic vegetable juices and plant based meals deliver a fantastic balance of nutrients from vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and enzymes that support healthy digestion, can improve pancreatic function, detoxification and cell nourishment. Be aware that a vegetable juice detox may come with the side effect of burning unwanted fat cells…!
For nutritional and natural healing support, to find out the best lifestyle tweaks for you to work on or prevent insulin resistance and to improve your metabolism, grab your 50% discount on your initial homeopathic/naturopathic consultation from 1st Nov – 14th Dec

Healthy treat recipe
Walnut Cocoa Fudge

Recipe for 24 squares that are not only delicious but boost your brain and energy levels too!
Rich in Omega fat acids, lauric acid and antioxidants.
No baking required.

1 cup walnut halves
1 cup pecan nuts
2 tbsp. ground flaxseeds/linseeds
10 large Medjool dates or 20 pitted dates
5 tbsp. walnut butter or tahini
4 tbsp. coconut oil, melted/room temperature
4 tbsp. raw cacao powder
cinnamon powder to taste

Place the walnuts and pecan nuts in a food processor
and process until fine. Add the rest of the ingredients and
process until the mixture starts to form a dough.
Line a square 20cm/8in shallow tray bake tin with nonstick
baking parchment paper. Tip the dough into the tin
and use your hands to press the mixture down into the
tin firmly. Place in the freezer for 1-2 hours to firm up.
Cut the fudge into small squares to serve.
Store the fudge in the fridge for up to 4-5 days in an airtight food container and enjoy…

Imbalance in life
High blood pressure/hypertension

Who does not know at least one person with high blood pressure? Although it is such a common phenomenon, in most cases high blood pressure does not have an identifiable cause and does not present with specific symptoms. However, classical signs are nervousness, breathlessness, nausea, heat/red flash, headaches, difficulties sleeping, vertigo, tinnitus and nose bleeds. Chronic hypertension can contribute to cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease or vision impairment.
Since it is often lifestyle-induced or genetic, one can improve it by lifestyle changes such as nutritional adjustments, habitual changes (alcohol, cigarettes), physical activity, weight- and stress management.

Homeopathic medicine that is prescribed to suit your constitution, helps you finding your balance and prevents ill-health effects of hypertension.

Detoxifying the body can be a great start into a healthier lifestyle and/or weight management and it is one of the most efficient -yet non-invasive- treatments to mobilize and eliminate (protein) deposits in the blood vessels that increase blood pressure. Metabolite deposits on capillary walls alone can sum up to 7.5kg of the total body weight! In some cases the deposited protein 10folds the width of the blood vessels membrane which blocks a healthy nutrient exchange.

Healthy balance of nutrients from a plant-based nutrition and flushing excessive metabolites are therefore a wonderful support, not only for high blood pressure.


Recipe for the mind

One minute of anger weakens your immune system for 4-5 hours.
One minute of laughter boosts your immune system for over 24 hours.