Dynamic medicine for a healthy vital force

Classical Homeopathy is a complete medical system using unique medicine to treat everyone individually and holistically.

As a classical Homeopath I apply a very typical way of assessing a patient’s case in order to reveal the core issue or the cause of being unwell. The initial consultation takes around 90 minutes, after that I work out your personalised, constitutional remedy.

One remedy is prescribed at the time because the entire person responds to that single medicine holistically. That means the small homeopathic pills or drops relieve physical ailments, support the inert healing ability and set a new balance between body, mind and spirit. This can start a transformation process of the whole person and conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety, depression or chronic fatigue are successfully treated.

One particular remedy treats one particular person and the totality of her/his symptoms, it does not treat a single disease or symptom only. Therefore a homeopathic treatment is not limited to specific illnesses like antibiotics would be prescribed for bacterial infections for example. Every ailment can be treated by the prescription of the constitutional remedy, let it be a physical condition, psychological, emotional, mental, behavioural or social issues or a mixture of all these aspects which is very common.

Nowadays we name thousands of diseases- in Homeopathy they all boil down to only one: someone’s imbalanced life force or ill-fallen vitality which creates symptoms according to the person’s constitution. That is someone’s state of being at dis- ease. Every condition takes its course after an impact on the vitality. Vitality or life force are names for the energy that connects body, mind, soul and spirit; the essence that enlivens a being. Therefore a medicinal treatment is supposed to balance one’s vital energy.

Homeopathic healing starts at the very core, at the vital force, empowered by the inert healing ability of each person. Homeopathic medicine can only affect the vitality by working energetically, with resonance and vibration. Homeopathic medicine contains information rather than chemical elements, dynamic energy instead of solid matter. A person’s vitality attunes with a dynamic medicine, but cannot be affected by a ‘heavy’ chemical blend that would only change the body’s chemistry. We make use of the concepts in physics since the fine dynamic energies are able to balance your vital energy and reconnect body and mind.