What a great pleasure to introduce me and my naturopathy & homeopathy practice “healing matters” to you!

My name is Tina Krombach and I have a passion for natural holistic healing!
Supporting people on their journey to good health gives me great contentment. Optimizing the level of wellbeing in all aspects (physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually) as well as natural prevention of disease are forming the foundation of my clinical work. Every one of us can thrive to live up to our full potential, however, from time to time we might need some professional help to clear the pathway to our fulfilled self.

I became a naturopathic and homeopathic medicine practitioner because I am convinced that Mother Nature – from which we descend as human beings – has nourished and fine- tuned the human body and mind. Nature therefore also provides a solution to maintain good health and to heal body, mind and soul. In our modern time, most of us are to some extend disconnected from nature (some of us more than others) which makes it harder to look after ourselves and keep the healthy balance.

Natural healing modalities empower the patient to connect to their body, emotions, mind and take better care of themselves, sometimes with simple yet effective methods. We all have an inner healing ability that is supported by natural medicine and treatments.

I studied natural medicine in Germany at Europe’s most established college for traditional complementary alternative medicine and graduated in 2004.

Committed to the supportive healing effect of body awareness, relaxation, affirmation and visualization, I started teaching Relaxation Therapy/Autogenic Training/Stress Management, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Yoga and Reflexology Massage in 2002.

When I moved to West Auckland, New Zealand, I practiced natural medicine and facilitated seminars, workshops and retreats for 6 years. During that time I started a family-run business for body detox supplements and held multiple- day retreats for fasting and body cleansing with a health- supporting program.

After that I gained 2 years of clinical experience in a prestige health centre in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Currently my office for naturopathic and homeopathic consultations is at the Osteopathic Health Centre in Dubai, UAE where we, a multidisciplinary team of osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractor, homeopath and naturopath benefit from each other’s professional expertise.

Naturopathy or “Heilpraktik” in German is an umbrella name for diverse natural healing modalities. Over the years working in my private practice “healing matters”, I integrated a variety of holistic healing modalities and specialize in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Fasting and Detox Therapy, Classical Homeopathy, Relaxation Therapy, Family & Systemic Constellation Therapy, Reflexology and Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture.

You can find specific information on the different specialities if you choose from the menu drop down list under Naturopathy.

Please get in contact with your questions or to share your insights and comments, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

If you wish to benefit from healing-matters’ online consultations, please send me an email to tina@healing-matters.net